Courses & Workshops

Group meditation and learning is a really special experience that allows you to deepen and embed your mindfulness skills. I teach a select number of courses each year to ensure high quality and compassion for everyone attending.

Registration is currently open for the 8 week Mindfulness for Stress Course in Leeds. When sufficient numbers of people are registered, I’ll send out a booking link with venue, dates and times. By registering, you’re not committed to participating in the course, but you will get first opportunity to book and an exclusive registration discount.

8 Week Mindfulness for Stress course

This 8 week course will allow you to grow and deepen your practice of mindfulness to help you reduce stress, avoid burn out and lead a more balanced and enjoyable life.

Each week will cover a different aspect of mindfulness and include a mix of:

  • Guided teaching
  • Interactive group activities
  • 2-3 meditation practices

“Honestly, I was quite sceptical about mindfulness, but the course has equipped me with some really great skills for life. Thank you.”
Course participant

You don’t need to have any prior knowledge or skills, just a willingness to meet life as it is and participate in the course. You’ll see the biggestimpact if you do the suggested home practice and you’ll therefore receive:

  • Home practice workbook
  • Guided meditations to use at home

Register your interest now for your exclusive discount and to ensure the course starts as soon as possible.

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