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Our mindfulness courses and workshops support your team’s resilience, performance and creativity.

A healthy team is vital to meeting your goals and yet the majority of workplaces are still struggling with stress related absence (stress is the number one reason for sick leave) and tired, disengaged employees. 

The way in which we live and work has a big impact on our state of mind and mindfulness has a body of evidence to attest to its effectiveness in supporting mental health and performance. 

Mindfulness is linked to feelings of happiness and to improvements in fluid intelligence; the ability to think outside the box (Killingsworth & Gilbert, 2010; Mrazek et al., 2013).

Even short mindfulness training can help to stabilise attention (Zeidan et al. , 2010) and over time, meditation practice can improve the ability to disengage from mind wandering (Hasenkamp & Barsalou, 2012).

Decrease in perceived stress (Wolever, R et al., 2012) and increased likelihood to return to work after stress related absence (Netterstrom et al., 2013)

Increase in concentration levels including memory tasks and multi-tasking (Levy, D M et al., 2011)

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